Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I provide my own lock? Who keeps the key?

We can sell you a lock or you can provide your own. We do not keep a copy of the key.

How can I pay my bill? What form of payment do you accept?

You can pay in person by check, cash, or major credit card. You can also set up automatic billing at the office.

Is my rental month-to-month?

Yes, your commitment is month-to-month. The minimum rental period is one month. Start renting your unit today.

Can you rent me a truck?

While we do not rent trucks onsite, we do offer a free move-in truck for new tenants renting 100 square feet or more. Please call for details.

What can I store in my unit?

Furniture, appliances, clothing, and kitchen items are all permitted. You may not store perishable or hazardous items.

How much space do I need?

Our expert managers can assist you in determining the right size. Just give us a brief description of what will be stored and we'll help you determine how much space is needed. You can also see our size guide.

Do you have an administrative fee for move-in?

Yes, there is a fee of $20.

How long is my renting term?

Units are rented month-to-month. Rent your unit today!

Is there a deposit?

There is no deposit required other than current rent.

What documentation do I need to rent a unit?

You will need a valid driver’s license or another government-issued form of photo ID.

What kind of security system do you have?

We have gate-controlled access and individual alarms on every storage unit door.

Do you offer boat and RV storage?

We have outdoor storage at the Mission Hills, South Gate locations and Fillmore locations.

Do I need insurance?

Your goods may be covered under your household insurance plan or you will need to enroll in our Tenant Protection Plan at the office. Nova Storage does not insure your goods.

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